All but treasure

Debra Reay
May 15, 2022


Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Spirits hinder
In moments galore
Shining brightly
Sprightly — yet unto
Nightly and passive
Memories treasured
Sweet tasting nothingness
Smelling of freedom
Eroding fakeness
Seeing a decline in
Her recollection as she
Reminisces, holding
All but treasure

A poem that I wrote for our #MMPOETRYBATTLE over on Twitter.
The prompt word was #Treasure,
A fellow writer and poet had read this as a reference to dementia and actually, it can be interpreted as just that, or in my case — it can be read as someone having suffered immense trauma, blocking out memories that were good or bad!!



Debra Reay

Writer, Poet and survivor of childhood abuse! Author of poem's~A Child Unloved, Soul Destroyed and more recently, The little girl in yellow bows.