The story behind ‘A child unloved’

Trigger warning. Mentions of abuse and mental health

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From tiny toes to troubled souls
She fought so hard to be heard
Nobody cared for the pain within
A child who was hurt and scarred
Years went by and the pain got bad
A child unloved was a child so sad

She pulled away from what she knew
But they pulled her in some more
The more she fought, the worse it got
The adults she knew, didn’t stop
Her body scarred was no longer hers
A child unloved was a child no more

What they did was too bad to tell
Besides, who would believe this girl
More years went by for this poor girl
More damage and pain endured
When will it end, so she can live
A child unloved was a child so hurt

The child grew up and got away
The torture left behind
But she struggled with life
And her place in the world
Her story didn’t end there
A child unloved was a child so dear

Her next big struggle was a bottle of wine
And pills to dull the pain
She carried on, no care in the world
Self destruction was her middle name
Depressed and alone, was this lost soul
A child unloved was a child unknown

Her family gone, no fault of her own
Her life in bits but she’s to carry on
She built her life, little by little
A smile can be seen on her pale face
A little sadness in her green eyes
A child unloved was unloved no more

The name (A child unloved)

The name came easy to me, as I was that child. I was unloved and that was evident throughout my childhood and adult life and it was shown in every single aspect of my life!
It really sucks that people, friends picked up on my sadness, yet the teachers in school and college just thought I was a naughty kid, a loner!


As seen throughout my other poetry, here on ‘Medium’ and in an article that I wrote, back in January (My transformation —in a nutshell) My back story is of my childhood abuse and the turmoil that I faced from a young age.
My abuse, for a while defined me, it made me question everything from, where I came from, to I was abused so will I go on to abuse….The latter is a load of rubbish but quite often abuse victims, as it were, would see that as a truth!
My -A child unloved- poem was suppose to be a simple first attempt at poetry, to face my past and try to move on.
In effect, it did more than that —It gave me a purpose, a purpose to help others , who may have suffered trauma.
It gave me a way to really delve into my past and tell my story, my truth and to steer away from the shame and guilt that I’ve carried with me for many years

This is just the beginning

I am a #Warrior
I am a #Survivor
I am #Me
I am #Loved
I am #Unique

I will continue to tell my story and to help others who have faced such difficulties, in their lives!!


A child unloved was entered into a poetry competition (Beckindale Poetry Journal) In January 2020 of which, it was a selected poem to be featured in the journal.. After all of this time, I received more news — my poem was again to be featured in the same journal, as recognition of my talent and was awarded #EliteWriterStatus2022.

Thank you for reading!!



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Debra Reay

Debra Reay

Writer, Poet and survivor of childhood abuse! Author of poem's~A Child Unloved and Soul Destroyed. Hopefully one day, I will get a book published!