Untwisted knife

Debra Reay
1 min readAug 6, 2022


Photo by Baran Lotfollahi on Unsplash

You took what I said
And twisted the knife
You kicked me down
When I was already down
But I’ll tell the world my truth
Long after your gone
I may be down right now
But oh boy
I’ll stand right back up
Untwist that knife
And make the world listen

This short poem was written during a recent time of feeling confused and angry about what I went through.
I asked questions to myself…What did I do that was so bad, for them to abuse me? Then came the feelings of shame and confusion…This one would give anybody a headache. The shame that I often feel for allowing it to happen —Yet I know it was out of my control. The confusion…I was a young child when this all began, yet I was then an adult during the abuse but I didn’t stop it.
Apparently, these are normal feelings for a child/adult who has suffered trauma!

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Debra Reay

Writer, Poet and survivor of childhood abuse! Author of poem's~A Child Unloved, Soul Destroyed and more recently, The little girl in yellow bows.