Your Cookie Lar did not really leave

Debra Reay
2 min readFeb 25


Funeral poem

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Will you wait for me on the steps of your campervan with Jo by your side
As the everlasting light shines upon those you love
Will you hold out your hand freely and wait for an eternity
As time stands still while you make your final journey
Here’s a little message for you, bro
Rest easy and sleep tight as I remember you with love in my heart
No matter where you are, I know you will live on within our hearts
I love you, bro and I know you loved me, Maddy and Grant, too
I will always be your ‘Posh Scouse’

Your cookie Lar did not really leave

Cookie you know my football team was always the better team, Right?
Lets smile as we reminisce about fun times we made sure to have
I will try not to burn those coffee granules again
You may not be physically present but I hope you are looking down on me Laughing at everything we did and all the daft things we said
Though you're not here in person, we’ll save a seat on Christmas Day and think of your opening lines of HO HO HO — We will treasure this memory
What we always had, is very special…It was fate, if that really is a thing
How old are you, Cookie? 54 or 55…Shall we leave this there!
We shared so many laughs, tender moments, filled with a mutual love

Your cookie Lar did not really leave

You may have left this world but your life and soul belongs to me
Your beautiful daughter Vikki and your grandchildren —
Your greatest achievements…Each of them, I know make you proud
Vikki is amazing, a working mum and she’s nailing it
Lauren and Michael will remember you with a smile upon their faces
We will meet again one day — As you will be waiting with Jo by your side
Dearest Reggie, I thank you for bringing joy into our lives
I gained a beautiful brother, thank you!
Eternity is a very long time
Each time I close my eyes, you’ll be there…this is home

Here is my last sign off to you, bro

Peace and Love
Your little sis

My Cookie Lar did not really leave

© D.Reay2023

I have written this poem for somebody who I have never met, Somebody who believes she could not write this and who I reached out to, to offer! I hope that I have done this justice!!!



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